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VHS RESCUE will beat any competitors price!

1) What is the turnaround time for the conversion service?

The turnaround time for transfers varies dependent on the number of tapes, length of each tape, and order volume. Generally three tapes will take about one day to process. Divide the total number of tapes you’re submitting by three and you will have a pretty good approximation of transfer time.


2) Can I obtain duplicate copies of my home videos at a later date?

Though we do backup videos during the format conversion process, this is a precautionary measure to ensure completion of your order and safe return of your source material. We do not store your videos on our hard drive for an extended time beyond the completion of your project. Videos files are deleted over time. If you would like to order copies of your videos, please contact our staff and they will check for your content on our secure server. If your video files have been cycled out you will be asked to send the source material back in for duplication.


3) Can I submit special instructions or complicated requests for VHS Rescue to follow?

We can perform any operation related to transferring, consolidating, and compiling your content. Email instructions to with the subject “Special Instructions” and we will ensure your videos get to you as requested.


4) How do you label the tapes?

We apply labels that are about the size of an adult pinky finger. It is optional to send us a typed list of label for your tapes, but not necessary. If you do not send a typed list , we take the names off the tape, and if there is no name on the tape, we put a blank label on the DVD.


5) How much content can be stored on a DVD?

Approximately two hours of video content will fit on a single DVD.


6) Do you charge per tape, or by DVD?

Our pricing is based on the number of tapes submitted for transfer but we can consolidate multiple tapes onto a single disc. Five cassettes of video can be put onto one DVD at a cost of $50.


7) Can I send in damaged video cassettes?

Yes, notify us if your order contains a broken tape. Our technicians can splice a tape for $20 or replace a broken case at a cost of $25. If we find your order contains a broken tape, we will contact you with options.


8) Which cassette formats can be recovered and converted?

We can pull content from Video 8, VHS-C, VHS, SVHS, Mini-DV, Hi8, DV CAM, Digital8, Cassette, and Betamax.

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