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Welcome to VHS Rescue! We bring your old VHS videos into the 21st Century! Check out our services and see what  we can do for you!

Do you have old tapes that are outdated? Do you not have a player to play your tapes anymore? 

As you know, tapes are virtually outdated. Our precious memories are still embraced in these tapes that are not up to date with our technology. The best solution is to convert your tapes into the modern day technologies!

What's happening to my tapes? Why can't I view them anymore?

Over time, film stock erodes if they are not properly taken care of. Convert your tapes today before they become erased or ever damaged!

  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS-C to DVD
  • Mini-DV to DVD
  • Hi-8 to DVD
  • Video 8 to DVD
  • Super 8 to DVD
  • VHS to Blu-Ray
  • VHS-C to Blu-Ray
  • Mini-DV to Blu-Ray
  • Hi-8 to Blu-Ray
  • Video 8 to Blu-Ray
  • Super 8 to Blu-Ray
  • VHS to Digital Video
  • VHS-C to Digital Video
  • Mini-DV to Digital Video
  • Hi-8 to Digital Video
  • Video 8 to Digital Video
  • Super 8 to Digital Video
  • VHS to Online Stream
  • VHS-C to Online Stream
  • Mini-DV to Online Stream
  • Hi-8 to Online Stream
  • Video 8 to Online Stream
  • Super 8 to Online Stream
  • Cassette to MP3
  • Cassette to CD
  • Digital Video to DVD
  • Digital Video to Blu-Ray
  • DVD to Digital File
  • Blu-Ray to Digital File
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